Frame Grabber Board (PCI Express)

Frame Grabber Board Series with the connection results with cameras more than 350 kinds of makers.

Camera Link
link APX-3302 : Base-Full 1ch High-performance Model
link APX-3307 : Base-Full 1ch High-performance Model
link APX-3323: Base-Full, Deca 1ch Versatile Model
link APX-3324A : Base 4ch Multi-channel Model
link APX-3326A: Base-Full, Deca Multi-channel Model
link APX-3327 : Base/Medium/Full 1ch, FPGA Image processing Model
link APX-3323GPU: GPU Image processing Model

link APX-3664: CPX-6 Quad/Dual/Single
link APX-3636: CPX-3 x 6ch

link APX-3800: Opt-C:Link 2ch Oprical Interface Model

link APX-3404: Gigabit Ethernet PoE 4ch Model
link APX-3424 / 3424-1: USB3.0 4ch Model
link APX-3502: NTSC Analog 2ch Model
link APX-3504: Analog 4ch Multi-channel Model

Compact Vision System

Mini-ITX Size COM Express Image Processing Platform with Camera Link and Optical I/F.

link ASI-1324T6 Series :CameraLink I/F × 4ch
link ASi-1300T6 Series : CameraLink I/F × 2ch,

Software Development Kit

Various development kits supporting system development and image processing tool, application.

link SDK-AcapLib2: SDK for CameraLink I/F APX Series
link SDK-AcapLib+: SDK for Opt-C:Link I/F Products
link AIP Tool : AcapLib Viewer tool for the board setting or creating an Inifile

Image Processing Library

Three-dimensional shape measurement Library.

link AZP-ALS-01 : Three-dimensional shape measurement Library

SWIR Sensor Camera

Short Wavelength Infrared Camera with InGas Sencer.

AREA Camera
link ABA-001IR : QVGA InGaAs camera
link ABA-003IR : VGA InGaAs camera

Line Camera
link ABL-005IR : Line InGaAs camera
link ABL-005WIR : Line InGaAs camera

GiGA Board (Optical Network)

High-speed optical communication board which offers big data communication between systems.

link APX-7402 : 40Gbps ×2ch PCI Express3.0×8

link APX-7142 : 14.025Gbps ×2ch PCI Express2.0×8
link APX-782 : 8.5Gbps×2ch PCI Express2.0×4
link AGM-782A :8.5Gbps×1ch LVDS(1Gbps×16)
link APX-781 : 8.5Gbps×2ch PCI Express2.0×4
link AGM-781A :8.5Gbps×1ch LVDS(1Gbps×16)
link APX-742B : 4.25Gbps×2ch PCI Express2.1×4
link AGM-741A : 4.25Gbps×1ch 32bit/66MHz
link APX-941LP4 : 4.25Gbps×1ch PCI Express2.0×4
link APX-741B : 4.25Gbps×1ch PCI Express2.1×4
link APX-742B : 2.12Gbps×1ch PCI Express2.1×4

Express Converter Board (PCI Express)

The A/D conversion board series that was developed to support metering equipment and inspection equipment, the communications equipment use that the sampling speed of the 20Msps - 1Gsps band is required.

High-speed A/D Converter
link APX-5360: 1.8GHz / 12bit / 2ch
link APX-5200A: 1GHz / 12bit / 2ch
link APX-5040 : 400MHz / 14bit / 2ch

A/D Converter
link APX-520: 200KHz / 18bit / 16ch
link ADO-1616: 160MHz- 20MHz/ 16bit / 4ch

CompactPCI bus Module

link ACP-134: Intel Corei7/ 2.0GHz /Celeron / 1.06GHz