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PCI Expressб
CoaXPress Quad
Frame Grabber


APX-3664 is a CoaXPress(CXP) interface, PCI Express frame grabber board. It can connect one CoaXPress Quad camera, two Dual cameras or two Single cameras. The PCI Express 2.0 8(Gen2) 5.0GT/S interface provides high-speed image acquisition on the PC. Up to 8GB DDR3 can be installed for the FIFO memory or the Work memory.

rohsб CoaXPress      

The specification and externals of product are for the improvement and might be changed without previous notice


Supports image acquisition from CXP Quad camera

Up to 25Gbit/s high-speed data transmission via four coaxial cable

Transmits video, control, power supply via one coaxial cable

Front panel LED indicates the operating status of the camera

Up to 8GB DDR3 memory for the image buffer

Encoder signal input (RS-422) for the image input control

Image input control/External trigger for the start encoding(TTL or Open collector) for the start of image acquisition at the timing of the external device
General input/output pin(TTL or Open collector) for the interface between the external device
System bus : PCI Express 2.0 8(Gen2)5.0GT/S
3.2GByte/sec(on average) high-speed transmission by DMA transfer to the PC 1
RoHS compliant


Model APX-3664
Image Acquisition I/F CoaXPressRev1.1
CXP-6 Quad(25Gbit/s) 1 1 camera
CXP-6 Dual(12.5Gbit/s) 2 1 to 2 cameras
CXP-6 Single(6.25Gbit/s) 2 1 to 2 cameras
DIN 1.0/2.3 : 4(Placed 9mm apart)
Image Acquisition Data 8,10,12bit Monochrome/RGB
Camera power Output Power Over CoaXPress: +24V(13W)x4
Generate a voltage of +24V within the board
On-Board Memory DDR3 SO-DIMM
Encoder RS-422(line driver)
A/B/Z-phase 1MH(MAX)
32bit counter, 32bit/16bit comparator each
(Generates image acquisition trigger when the comparator is matched)
General-purpose I/O SDR connector
GPIN: 8ch(TTL/ Open Open collector, exposure control, synchronous input )
GPOUT: 4ch(TTL/ Open Open collector,strobe output, user output)
RS-422 input: 4ch(3ch for Shaft encoder input)
Interrupt Start of image acquisition, end of DMA, GPIN
FPGA Temperature Monitoring Supported
System bus PCI-Express2.0 8 laneGen2) 5.0GT/s
Power consumption +12V 8% (+12V External connector)
Environment Temperature: 0 to 50 ,
Humidity: 35% to 85%(non-condensing)
Dimension 190mm 111.5mm(non-projection), Panel width: 20mm
OS Windows
Software(Option) Development kit: SDK-TransFlyer


Supported Cameras

Adimec, e2V, NED

For more information regarding supported cameras unlisted above,
please contact us.


Cable Makers

Canare Electric, Belden, Gepco


Other document

Block diagram

Software: SDK-TransFlyer