Aug.1959 Toyo-tsushin-Kogyo corporation is established.
The main plant is built in shibuya, Tokyo.
Apr.1975 Business relations with NIKON CORPORATION begins.
Oct. 1978 AVAL DATA joins a Japan Optical Cooperation Enterprise Association.

Apr.1979 Portable type PROM programmer ''Pecker-1(PKW-5000)'' is launched.  
Oct. 1981 Atsugi plant is established in Atsugi, Kanagawa.

Feb.1985 VME bus board computer mounting CPU68000 is launched.  
Support of real time OS 'OS-9'' ( Microware Systems Corporation (RadiSys ) ) begins.

Sep.1985 Nagasaki plant is established in Isahaya, Nagasaki.
Nov.1985 PROM programmer ''Pecker-10(PKW-1000)'' and portable terminal 'AVAL-TM20'' are selected as Good design product by Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
Nov.1987 'AVAL NAGASAKI'' is established by spin-off of Nagasaki plant.

Feb.1989 Corporate name is changed to ' AVAL DATA CORPORATION '' .
Feb.1991 AVAL DATA listed in JASDAQ(Japan Securities Dealers Association).
Jan.1995 AVAL DATA obtains a quality management system ISO9001 certification.
Apr.1997 First domestic product, CompactPCI bus module is developed.
Oct.1997 AVAL DATA joins PICMG JAPAN for the promotion of industrial embedded system base on the CompactPCI.
Jan.2001 AVAL DATA obtains environmental management system ISO14001 certification.
Nov.2003 Development alliance of application system for image processing LSI with Axell Corporation is agreed.
Mar.2006 AVAL DATA joins the inauguration of JIIA (Japan Industrial Imaging Association).

Jun.2007 Intelligent Camera with a built-in  image processing part 'ALI-6000'' is developed.
Nov.2007 PCI Express bus Bridge LSI 'AAE-B04'' is developed.
Nov.2007 Sales and technical cooperation with TOKYO ELECTRON DEVICE LTD is agreed.
Dec.2008 PCI Express A/D Converter board 'APX-510'' for 100MHz high-speed sampling is is developed.
Sep.2009 AVAL DATA joins in a consortium of the next generation camera interface CoaXPress .
Jun.2010 AVAL NAGASAKI joins in Fukuoka Smart House Consortium.

Mar.2011 CoaXPress Standard advocated by JIIA becomes a global standard under the agreement between the Automated Imaging Association(AIA) and the European Machine Vision Association((EMVA). CoaXPress Frame grabber, APX-3662 is launched.
Sep.2012 Super high-speed optical communication camera interface
s developed independently and is launched.
Sep.2012 Atsugi plant obtains Medical Device Manufacturing Approval of general classification (Approval No.14BZ200171).
Jan.2014 ''Color light-Section Method'' using white LED as a slit light is developed.