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CoaXPress I/F
Frame Grabber Board

AVAL DATA obtained the international quality assurarance standard ISO9001 certification in 1995 and the international enviromental management standard ISO14001 certification in 2001.


The Products of this mark meets (suits) RoHS Directive.


The Products of this mark are Pd-free.

AVAL DATA CORPORATION is the leading company
in the industrial Embedded Computer market
where the highest reliability
and availability, and continuous
technical support are essential.


High performance and highly integrated embedded CPU and Various I/O boards with FPGAs and proprietary ASIC.

High performance frame grabber and pre-processing board,related hardware used our proprietary ASIC.

System integration services with Communication/Network Products and sophisticated core technologies.

Highly optimized Real Time OS(RTOS), utilities and Middleware for our hardware platforms.

Machine Vision Software consists of drivers, pre-processing utilities and Middleware.

Outstanding technical services meet customer needs and long life products.

Customize services which based on list products with highly core technologies to meet customer needs.